Sunday, 1 April 2012

Roman Cavalry

Following my auxiliaries the next job was to move on to the Roman cavalry. I had not painted a horse before in any scale.

This possibly shows because I think they are all a bit dark again. However despite this they seem to come together in to a convincing looking battle group. Although they might of benefited from being placed more randomly when I based them up. I must admit. I enjoyed painting up the shield and adding touches of details.

I took the liberty of adding laurels on one set of shields because in a game a while ago my Roman cavalry managed to rout some of Tamsin’s light horse. I was so pleased with this because normally my Roman cavalry die or run around in a pointless manner. Furthermore, it is well worth checking out Tamsin’s blog post on painting horses, impressive…


  1. The horses look fine on the photo, ad the overall impression is good for me! Nice work.

  2. Looks good to me too Jerry. I hope to meet them in the flesh in the second round of the comp ;)