Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Third Tournamant Game

On Thursday evening my Mid Republic Romans well see action once more. I am playing my final group B game against Simon's Pyrrhic army in the club's B4AD tournament. To make it into the next round I not only need to win, but win big against an established player who is vastly more experienced at Field of Glory than I am. According to the current standings I need a victory of 25 points or over to make it to the knockout stages of the competition. This is a big ask considering my inexperience with the rules. To date I have played five, won one, drawn one, lost three.

So by Friday morning the following questions will be answered:

How will I perform against Simon’s Pyrrhic Army in this last group B game?

Will I do enough to win, and if so by how much?

Are Andy’s purpose built Roman crushing cataphracts safely though to the next round?

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