Thursday, 26 April 2012

Saluting Salute

Photocredit: Phil

Well after the slew of blog posts on the subject of Salute I felt it would only be right to jump on the band wagon a write something myself. Albeit if slightly later than most.

On arrival Phil, my companion for the day and I felt a little like royalty, having advance tickets we were whisked past the queues straight in, a benefit of advance booking. I was pleased my moment of organisation in an otherwise chaotic life paid off.

I never fail to be astounded by the huge variety of games on display and the very high standards of painting and building being exhibited. A portion of those that caught my eye can be seen below. 

 It was nice to bump into some CLWC members including Tamsin while I was getting some more dead guys from the Donnington stand to add to the ones that Seb gave me before Easter, thanks Seb. I expect they'll get plenty of use considering the way I am playing currently!

Furthermore, I got myself set of long hankered after Blitzkrieg Commander rules and some more 6mm stuff to inspire me to renovate the bits I found in the back of the cupboard recently. I was impressed by seeing some of the Cold War Commander games that have been going on at CLWC recently to motivate me to get my 6mm stuff painted up and ready for action once I have finished my Imperial Romans of course.

In any case, it was a very enjoyable outing a delight to be able to see so much inspiring stuff. Of course, many thanks to the organisers, exhibitors and traders whose contributions made it a most enjoyable day.  


  1. It was a great show, I like that last pic, great post!

  2. A nice day, isn't it? I love the two last pics, nice photos!

  3. Many thanks for the positive feedback chaps. Sounds like you enjoyed Salute has much as I did !!