Sunday, 15 April 2012


Shields are the best fun to paint in this period. I am looking forward to working my way through this pile:

After a little internet research on the subject I am working on the best way to block out the design on the legionnaires shields. In order to avoid the finish being too dark as with the auxiliaries and the cavalry, I think, I will attempt the shield design in a light yellow backing and an ivory highlight on to the red base.

Some examples of shields done earlier

I guess the key to success in this job is patience combined with consistency. So how patient and consistent can I be?


  1. Hi Jerry - a couple of options worth thinking about if you want consistency.

    1. Shield transfers are commercially available, or you can buy decal paper, design your own shield patterns and print them out. You'll need to gloss varnish the face of the shield before applying the decal and then when it has set coat it with gloss again.

    2. Create a "mask" of the design - print, cut out the areas to be painted, place over shield, paint, remove mask.

    NB - I haven't tried either myself, but I'm sure others at the club will have done so.

  2. Tamsin ,

    Should the painting of the sheilds be a disarster then the transfer option my come into play !!

    All the best ,