Monday, 23 April 2012

"Legions Form Up!"

Well this weekend in addition to going to Salute and having a blast with my mate Phil. I finished basing up my first batch of legionnaires. So far I have 11 bases. This provides me with enough for two or possibly three legions at a push.

So far I am pleased with the over all finish. In this instance I took a different approach to the wash. I used two washes. First a sienna pin wash which was restricted to the flesh areas to provide low lights on the face and limbs.

The torsos were given a usual wash of raw umber in an effort to give the Lorica Segmenta a touch of definition. The final step was to give them a wipe with a brush dampened with thinners to tidy them up a bit and make the armour ping out nicely.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I added a signifer and commander to give a touch of extra interest to the battle group.               

The shields were hand painted as promised. However I did not bother with the ivory highlight since after doing a couple I could not see and real difference to the finish. Previously I have been guilty of not knowing when to stop painting to disastrous results, so I am pleased with my self discipline on being able to put the paint brush down and not make a total mess of the shields by adding endless amounts of detail that nobody will be able to see!


  1. Nice work on the shields :)

  2. Really a good work! The overal impression is very nice.

  3. Many thanks for the kind remarks guys

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray, Glad you like them , Thanks for your comment !

  5. yep, they will do the job. very nice painting Jerry

    1. Cheers Seb, thanks for taking the time to look !