Sunday, 24 March 2013

“Probably the most one sided game I've played to date”.*

That game was a great fun! Phil and I lined up with our Early Roman Imperial 800 point Army against Simon and Mark who fielded a later Macedonian pike army. True to form we lost the initiative. Despite this under the new rules Simon handed the choice of terrain back to us. After much discussion we opted for a hilly battlefield terrain. During the terrain placement Simon rolled all odd numbers so all the terrain pieces ended up on our side of the table. This dictated our set up, allowing the Legions to set up between terrain pieces.

Battle kicked off in the usual way we have lined up our heavy foot opposite one and other in preparation for the pike and legions units to mix it up. The medium foot set up on the left flank with some cavalry and light horse.  I noticed Simon placed some Cretan archers on my far right flank positioned to attempt to take the high ground. I felt it was important not to allow him take this high ground so because it would overlook my the main battle line of legions commanded by Phil. Using horse archers I charged them up the hill on to the high ground which not only deterred this Cretans from advancing on the high ground but it also gained the attention of a battle group of superior cavalry.          

On the far left we found ourselves outnumbered 2-1 on cavalry battle groups. I felt this could have got a little sticky at some point if my superior cavalry got flanked. Nevertheless, Mark opted for the direct approach and steamed in with both his cavalry units. Two to one he must have thought he'd have me. I survived the impact well getting the better of it on the right. In the following melee with two dice against four I got two hits to nil which on the cohesion roles dropped Mark's cavalry two levels. This was bad luck on his part. 

After lousing up my deployment of Numidian light horse and running them backwards and forwards in my usual manner. I let my medium foot form up into the battle line. All that was left for me to do was to march forward. 

While the legions matched up against. Simon's massed Macedonian pike for a slogging match which were basically evens. After the impact the roman medium foot found themselves with an advantage. In a couple of round the protected Macedonians broke and headed for the hills. This freed up Phil’s forth legion to create an overlap on the left of Simon's pike block and my pursuing auxiliary foot broke off their pursuit to hit the disordered pikes in their flank. Considering the number of disorder markers the pike had this was the end of the game, marking the most emphatic victory to date by winning six points to nil, (unadjusted for army size).

*Mark's remark after the game over email. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Field of Glory 2.0...First Time...

I heard somewhere there have been some changes to Field of Glory.  This is a system I enjoy playing although I am not sure I understand the finer details of it fully, might I add this is more of a reflection on me than the system. I any case tomorrow evening I will have the opportunity to play my first game under the amended rules. With 800 points rather than the usual 650 point games we usually play at CLWC.

I find myself quite excited by the prospect since I haven’t managed a game of FoG for a couple of months, it is a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with the rules. What adds an extra level of excitement since this will be my first doubles game. My friend and colleague Phil is joining me to command the early Imperial Romans on this outing.

Last night I took the opportunity to review the troops in anticipation of Thursday’s clash against Simon and Mark’s Later Macedonians. This allowed me to ensure the base counts matched the army list.   I should also mention a special word of thanks to Alan who kindly lent me a couple of extra battle groups, allowing me to make up 795points for this game.

As a teaser I thought I would put up some pictures of the legions practicing their square bashing prior to being boxed up for the trip to the club tomorrow evening.  


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Saturday Morning Excitement

Last Saturday I got back from my morning run around the park to find the postman had been busy delivering more goodies to our home.  My Salute tickets had arrived bring with them an air of excitement to the flat. When I showed them to my wife and daughter they both sounded a joyous chorus of yahoos and cheers. My daughter was cheering prospect of attending her first Salute with me. I was cheering because she gets in free and my wife who was celebrating because she will have peace and quiet for the best part of a day!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Risky Business

A couple of weeks ago the Post Office delivered a package containing the board games Risk and Cluedo. This gave my daughter and I the opportunity to have a game of Risk over the weekend.  Having been a good while since I played and my nine year old only played once before during the summer holidays we started at a leisurely pace planning to fit the game in around  our other weekend activities.  I fact we got so involved in the game I almost forgot to pick up the car from the garage where it was having its MOT!

Over a few sessions throughout the weekend we slogged away at one and other until she managed to meet the victory conditions of destroying a neutral army, resulting in the ignominy of defeat for me. Needless to say she was ecstatic at beating her Dad. This is not something I am going to live down anytime soon.

She also expressed an interest in coming along to Salute next month.  I am some what concerned about having opened a Pandora's box of some description!