Thursday, 21 March 2013

Field of Glory 2.0...First Time...

I heard somewhere there have been some changes to Field of Glory.  This is a system I enjoy playing although I am not sure I understand the finer details of it fully, might I add this is more of a reflection on me than the system. I any case tomorrow evening I will have the opportunity to play my first game under the amended rules. With 800 points rather than the usual 650 point games we usually play at CLWC.

I find myself quite excited by the prospect since I haven’t managed a game of FoG for a couple of months, it is a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with the rules. What adds an extra level of excitement since this will be my first doubles game. My friend and colleague Phil is joining me to command the early Imperial Romans on this outing.

Last night I took the opportunity to review the troops in anticipation of Thursday’s clash against Simon and Mark’s Later Macedonians. This allowed me to ensure the base counts matched the army list.   I should also mention a special word of thanks to Alan who kindly lent me a couple of extra battle groups, allowing me to make up 795points for this game.

As a teaser I thought I would put up some pictures of the legions practicing their square bashing prior to being boxed up for the trip to the club tomorrow evening.  



  1. Not sure how I missed this yesterday. How did the game go last night?

    The main differences that would affect your Romans are the 2" move reduction following a 90 degree turn or expansion and the changes to armour POAs in melee. The changes to how many BGs a general can move as a battle line might have an impact as well.

    1. Tamsin thanks for your message . So far I think I have worked out 90 degree turn rule no doubt I will forget it again before long ! Look forward to running in to you down at the club before too long !