Saturday, 31 March 2012

Auxilliary Romans

Although judging from my general sloth-like behaviour illustrated in some previous blog posts that I have made little or no impact in the pile of figures I am current working on. Nevertheless I have made a modicum of progress in the last couple of months. Illustrated here are some pictures of Auxiliary Roman battle groups by Corvus Belli.

There are the first 15mm figures I've painted so I am learning the techniques that are best suited with my painting style at that scale.

One criticism I can leave at myself is the pallet I use is to dark. This is compounded by the addition of an acrylic varnish which appears to darken the finish further.


  1. Yup, as the figures get smaller your paints need to get brighter. The figures look good, as does the basing although you might want to think about leaving some patches bare of flock so they don't look too out of place on desert/arid tables.

  2. Ok, here come the critics:
    1) your painting style is very clean and precise, which is very good
    2) your colours are too dark indeed. You should really try some highlights, I think you could manage
    3) basing is ok, but you should try to flock them a little less, and try to righten up the bases a bit more.

    Overall, a good, very good start. Keep it up

  3. I agree with Seb, a very good start, a nice unit! I'll come back!

  4. Tamsin & Seb ,

    Many thanks for your kind remarks. As I mentioned I am getting used to 15mm figures. With regard to the flock on the bases I am assuming it will fall off over time to give a less bushy appearance!!

    Thanks again

  5. Phil Many thanks for your comment much apprecated


  6. Phil , Many thanks fo your comment.

    1. I'll come back with pleasure!