Friday, 30 March 2012

Group B Placings

The updated competition tables were distrusted this week. This illustrates my position in third place with a game in hand. Red indicates clear passage to the next round at the top of the group, amber is likely to go through in second place:

Alan Early Successor Played 3 46.8

Andy Later Seleucid Played 3 39.8

Jerry Mid Republican Roman Played 2 15.4

Simon Pyrrhic Played 2 8

Looking forward testing myself against Simon's Pyrric army later next month will I be able to do enough to dislodge Andy from his secure position of second place?

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, 39.8 - 15.4 = 24.4, therefore you need at least 24.5 points to win, which means you have to break enough of Simon's BGs to cause army rout, whilst having at most 1 BG of your own fragmented. Not easy to achieve.

    Your best bet is probably to try to disrupt his pike phalanx with shooting before any charges, keep your legions away from the elephants whilst getting a couple of them into a position where they can flank/rear charge his phalanx or to gang up on his other units.