Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Resurrection of Minuature Inspiration

In the past couple of months I have started to wargame again after a few years away from the hobby. Since this blog has been lying idle for several years now I felt I could resurrect it to report on my various exploits in lead. Currently I am involved in a Field of Glory ancients tournament at the Central London Wargames Club, although I expect to be knocked out on Monday…

As many other wargamers do I thought it would be good to post occasional battle reports and other things that might catch my eye.

In my previous engagements of Field of Glory at the second time of trying I managed to pull a draw out of the bag against Alan’s Persian army using a Mid Republican Army kindly lent to me by a fellow member, Andy. The final stages of the battle are pictured below:

The second game was not so successful from my perspective, I lost! A full battle report can be read on Tamsin, my opponent’s, blog ...

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