Tuesday, 20 March 2012

(Not) Painting Figures

I am attempting to make a concerted effort to write for this blog and not bore myself at the same time. Currently I am painting up a 15mm Imperial Roman Army by Corvus Belli. These figure are fantastically detailed and a joy to paint. However, I am some what indolent when it comes to painting and the whole process is taking an internity because of my lack of motivation, rather spending my evenings watch disappointing re-runs on Film 4. Surely that film can't have been that bad first time round lets watch it again , just to check !! Generally a bad idea.

Back to figures while planning my army I got some great advise from the guys at the Central London Club. Which is the ideal club for people who don't like joining clubs.
The club's webpage resides on the Madaxeman website which also provided me with a very helpful guide to various 15mm figure manufactures which allowed me to explore the available options when choosing an army. Many thanks to Tim and all involved.

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