Saturday, 24 March 2012

Missing School

A little while ago I kept my daughter home from school because she was ill. This resulted in us turning the living room in to creative art studio. With the aid of PVA, foam core, liners for hanging baskets and plaster gauze we set about making a huge mess, paintings and some items which maybe of interest to the world of modern art. Another dividend was a bit of terrain for the wargaming table. It is always great fun building with an eight-year-old and her creations from that day are now in pride of place in the kitchen.

While I am pleased to say I have a couple of hills, some rough ground and a gully to show for my efforts. And so far I don't think Mum has noticed the blue paint on the rug!


  1. Reminds me - must make some terrain pieces for myself.

    I just spotted that you were following my blog, so have returned the favour :)

  2. Tamsin , Delighted to have you in my select band of followers !

  3. I just have to wait a couple of years to do this with mine :)

  4. Seb, one of the many things you have to look forward too.