Thursday, 12 May 2016

Completed Flight Stands

Last summer I built a dozen flight stands for the air game Check Your Six.

Since then I’ve had them out a couple of times.  I even took the trouble of photographing them with some of my Battle of Britain miniatures. I even uploaded the images!  However despite all of this I failed to actually write a post to accompany the images. 

A section of images of a V of Spitfire Is  being followed  by a V of  Hurricane Is at different alatudes

Details about the process of building the stands can be read in an earlier post.

So here we have what amounts to a range of aircraft balanced on radio aerials. Saying that I am quite proud of them and although it can get a bit forestry with the more than four planes in a  particular section of the playing surface these stands offer a really simple and effective way to represent height in the game.

One error I made was when I was attaching the aerials I did not attach some at a 90 degree right-angle. This means has you extend the aerial when the aircraft climbs it become unstable.

The other issue is these bases are suitable for larger aircraft such as bombers, the whole affair just get too top heavy and topples over. I am still working on the a solution for that. Any suggestions would be most welcome. 

Here are images of  Bf 109Es in the four finger formation flying past.

Thanks for taking the time to look!

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