Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Heligoland Bight Mayhem

The centenary of the Battle of Jutland will take place at the End of May. We have been playing a bit of battleships down at Central London in preparation for a historic refight  of Jutland at the end of June.  Over the last month or so I've participated in a handful of fleet actions. These generally resulted in me nearly crashing into other ships in the fleet, being rammed or attempting to torpedo myself!

Last night's fleet action was not much different. Before the game, it was billed as mayhem and mayhem transpired!  I started with a cruiser and three squadrons of destroyers seen here at the bottom of the photo. The white bits are mist by the way.

At this point I was attempting to cross the rear of the ships sailing at right angles, at the top of the image.

Naturally I changed course slightly and gave my opponent, Martin nice target for his torpedo destroyers he promptly sunk my cruiser and my made large hole in my destroyers.  Nevertheless, a couple of rounds later got my own back an sunk Martin's Cruiser, Yay!

Shortly later Alan arrived with more German cruisers and battered me with some excellent gunnery forcing my two recently acquired cruisers to retreat back to port.   

In an effort to wreak my revenge on him I sent my two remaining destroyer squadrons steaming up the centre where one torpedo found its mark on one of Alan’s cruisers, but she shrugged it off.

At this point my impulsive game play got my destroyers in between the German destroyers and Alan's cruisers, they blew me to bits. But not before I nearly torpedoed myself for the second time in the game! 

On the next outing I am going to be a bit more tentative, maybe...

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