Saturday, 26 March 2016

German Artillery

Last May when I was at Campaign 2015, getting beaten around the MK Centre in the FOG AM competition, which was great fun. I made an impromptu purchase, a German 77mm Krupp field gun in 28 mm. This was my first in 28mm and I was interested to see what it was like. I guess I have been inspired by all the great larger scale displays I have seen at various shows. Particularly with regard to First World War  and the Exhibition games  of Crush the Kaiser.

Nearly a year later I’ve got around to painting it  up and I am quite  pleased with the result. 

The crew had their uniforms painted with a series of washes in different  shades of field grey then   shadows picked out with black ink washes. Finally I have finished the off  a couple of coats of dry brushing, The faces were  blocked out in various shades of flesh, which was then washed over with  a Games Workshop fleshshade wash which sunk into the recesses nicely  following this a touch of dry brushing  over the hand and face finished them off.  Their kit and boots were treated in more or less the  same way with blocking followed by washes and a little dry brushing.  

The field gun was brush painted although I think I will get the airbrush out and spray artillery pieces in the future. Next up will be to tidy up any rubs add some flock and give the a coat of matt varnish  to seal them.