Saturday, 9 January 2016

Board Game Cafes and Start Ups

The Preston based Dice and Donuts combines the concept of a board game space and a cafe. Their name on Twitter, D&D cafe first, caught my eye and transported me back to my teenage years spent sitting around with friends avoiding dragons and making rash decisions in sub-terrain dungeons. 

Dice and Donuts is the perfect example of an independent business to help test StreetFlower.

What is StreetFlower I hear you ask? 

StreetFlower is an online map for independent shops and small businesses to engage with customers and their locality. It offers businesses their own digital shop window.

Explore the map, find a red dot, zoom in and "flowers" will appear marking the localities of shops and businesses on the network.  To find out more about a business click on a “petal” to discover their digital shop window. 

Additionally StreetFlower, a start up which I launched in October, is why I have not managed to fit in a game or blog post since then!

So, to another early adopter, Dice & Donuts. who I am doubly pleased to welcome to StreetFlower. 

Anyway, please checkout StreetFlower and spread the word. If you find yourself in Preston drop by and treat yourself to a game in Dice & DonutsI am sure they would be delighted to see you. 

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