Thursday, 2 February 2017

Early War British Infantry

This project has been one of those long running episodes which often gets bogged down or superseded by other projects.  But we will soon see an end!  Just a little  more work blending the bases to match up with completed ones. Then we will be good to go with the varnishing.

I am working towards a battalion of British Expeditionary Force circa 1914. So far it is made up of three infantry companies,  machine gun and HQ companies and some other odds and sods in the form of trench raiders &c.

A Company

 B Company

C  Reserve Company

 Machine Gun Company

Some close ups of the infantry units.  All the figures were  painted in Vallejo acrylics with a Games Workshop wash to add a bit of  depth.  Following that the figures were given a graduated dry brush   to pic out the details.        

Here we have the Battalion Headquarters Company including signaller, runner, sergeant major and an adjutant.


Here is the signaller and runner. Many thanks to  Royal Signals Museum on Twitter, who were so helpful in advising me on getting the signal flag correct .  

The commanding officer is proudly wearing his University of Cambridge scarf.  As he directs operations while his adjutant checks the map.

Finally, we have four subalterns all prepared to lead their men into action.  

I do hope I can make some progress in my Early War Germans and hopefully be in a position  to  get them all on  the table by early spring. Well I can dream!


  1. Very impressive and superb...

  2. That's a rather splendid collection you've built up Jerry.

  3. Many thanks guys , I am very pleased you like them