Friday, 27 January 2017

Chain of Command: The Probe Scenario

Months after the event here is the long awaited write up of my second game of Chain of Command.  In these games I have found the rules really easy to pick up. This of course adds to the enjoyment because we are not constantly spending time refereing back to the instructions.

This probe scenario was based in France, May 1940. The victory conditions where to get one unit across the table and off the other side.  To this end I selected a Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack and a StuG III Ausf.A. to act has close support.

I managed to get my jumping off points either side of the road where I wanted them. This allowed me to deploy troops in  positions either side of the road to supress any defenders who moved up to take offensive action against my probe.

Once my infantry units deployed and I had tucked my halftrack behind a building to await its moment to advance on the bridge. I brought my StuG III up placed him in a field on the other side of the board.  This had two purposes; firstly to shift attention from thee infantry advancing on the bridge and draw fire away from them. Also, more importantly this was to put pressure on enemy positions on the high ground towards the rear of the table. This worked very well and forced my opponent to redeploy his QF 2-pounder anti-tank gun.  The   following duel resulted in success for the StuG and destruction for the plucky 2-pounder.

Following that my confidence was buoyed and I pushed forward with my platoon who had seen off a couple of British sections while the StuG and the 2-pounder were knocking lumps out of one and other. Their subsequent advance ensured victory was secured for the Germans.   

In closing, I am very grateful to Dave S. for suggesting I try Chain of Command and also bringing along all the various toys needed to play. We have our third game booked for February.        

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  1. Ah - so that was what happened. I was just firefighting till my eventual demise. What possessed me to stick my 2 pdr on the crest of a hill I will never know. No match for a Stug in the open. Should have skulked behind the mill.