Thursday, 26 January 2017

Japanese for Chain of Command

Here is a quick post to show off  the  first three Imperial Japanese Figures for Chain of Command. They are  From Warlord's Range.

On the internet the is bit of debate about the best colour mixes  for Japanese  uniforms.  I used the Valejo range for these guys.  The officer's uniform  was a mix  of Russian Uniform and Panzer Yellow, while the mortar men were painted with a mix of Panzer Yellow and German Ochre. On  reflection the mix appeared bit dark  so  I will  try a variation  on  the mix  for the next batch of  figures.

All three figures were then washed with Games Workshop Camoshade which work well on giving  the  figures a touch of depth.

One the key issues for these figures was to get the flesh tone right.  At this scale I added a touch of  Panzer Yellow to Sunny Skintone this mix was then washed with Games Workshop's Flesh tone.

 I am pleased with the results so far considering I only have around an hour an evening to dedicate to these figure. 


  1. Great job Jerry, I love the bespectacled mortar man, very characterful.

  2. Cheers Michael,I appreciate your comment. I was quite pleased with the way they have turned out. I primed three more this morning.

  3. Nice. I think your greener uniforms are probably correct and that my yellow is probably wrong. I will not be changing though.

    On a side note I am planning Western Desert Chain of command. (Early war).

  4. Thanks for your kind words Clint , I am normally quite relaxed about uniform shades there always seems to be evidence of a huge range of colour and shades , I generally play about until, I find a shade to that I like and fits the figure.

    Wow! I'll look out for you Chain of Command Western Desert Arms , Was tempted by some French legionaires at one point