Friday, 18 May 2012

When is Enough Enough?*

When it comes to wargaming figures I suspect the answer would be never. One can constantly tinker, expand, redefine an army providing it with flexibility or customisation to deal with a specific scenario, time frame or opponent. This is not even raising the question of the delights offered by other periods, scales or forms of wargaming such naval or air games.

Last week the final part of my Imperial Roman army arrived,  Numidian Light Horse, Balearic Slingers and Cavalry Commanders to complete my Roman Army.

Once this lot is painted I'll have a decent selection of bases to play the early imperial period. Nevertheless I am constantly tempted by further permutations of battle groups to expand the periods to play.  Despite these plans I have made the vow, loosely speaking of course, not to acquire any more lead until the current figures are painted based and ready for action.

*Obviously enough is enough is when one's significant other tells you to stop buying those toy soldiers!


  1. Well, as I've only been back into gaming for a few months, I guess it will be quite a while before I get to the point where I think I have enough.
    Given the size of my lead (snd resin) mountain and a current lack of storage space - soon to be remedied hopefully - I've been forcing myself to be good and not buy the next army until the current one is almost completely painted and based.
    That being said, I'm finding it hard to resist buying medieval/renaissance Swiss and medieval Korean armies. I hope I can hold out until I've finished my 30YW army!

  2. Tamsin , Agreed , The moment I published this post , I went straight to surfing sites planning my next acquisitions!! Nevertheless, my economic situation may keep me to my word!!

  3. Yeterday I bought the 24 Galatian infanrty I need for my Later Seleucid army. If not for the still to be got two camels (will order direct on mail order) I would then have all the possible troop types and totals for FoG. Now that's when you have enough LOL

    The need to buy always seems to outpace the ability to paint.


    1. To the brushes Ian, to the brushes!!!