Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Rulers

Like France I also acquired some new rulers* recently. Unlike France mine won't represent anything more than the turning-circle of a nineteenth century ironclad warship.
Alan at the CLWC organised some of these lovely wooden turning-circles to be manufactured for Ironclads in Action, the wargame he wrote. The set of seven circles of different curves are designed to represent the rate of turn of various different classes of ship in the period.  With a nice finish reminiscent of the old wooden ruler from my school days.

They add to the aesthetics of the naval wargaming table which tend to be relatively devoid of scenery.

Ironclads in Action is a clever game which blends the complexity of the period encompassing  an array of different ships  that combine both old and emerging technologies of the industrial age with a simplicity of playability.  This allows a fast paced game in actual scale which provides the player with an engaging and entertaining experience with many permutations to explore.

*Strictly speaking France has a new Head of State and I have new turning circles.