Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Perfect Avatar

Back in 2009, according the date stamp on the photos, I built this Follow Me project. Back then I did not realise how useful it would be in providing me with images for my avatar, it was well before I used social media to the extent I do so today.

The project came about when I saw an image of a “Follow Me” jeep on an US airfield in the UK circa 1943. I felt it would be an interesting project since I was becoming tired of olive drab projects. But the clincher was it was a small enough project that I had an good chance of completing it in the limited time available to me then.

“Follow Me” jeeps were used on US Army Air Corps/Force airfields in the 1940s and 50s in most theatres.  Principally they were used to guild bombers to and from their stands when they arrived at unfamiliar airfields after gruelling mission over enemy territory.

As far as I can work out, after a bit of research, they were generally red and white, although there were examples of yellow and black vehicles too.

Extra detail, such as the wind shield is etched brass after-market additions to add a bit to the overall appearance. 

I am very please with the end result of this tatty two toner.  


  1. Very nice work, the details are amazing!

  2. Really like it, the extra work of added detail really takes it from a good looking model to a great one.


  3. Many thanks for your comments guys , I am glad you like it.