Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kitchen Table Air Combat

The thing that got me back into wargaming a year or so ago was some 1/285 scale aircraft  from Raiden Miniatures which saw online.  In addition to manufacturing and selling these aircraft individually, Raidian also supply some useful battle sets with all you need to play a game including two sets of opposing aircraft. What you see in the pictures here are the contents of the Battle of Britain Set 1. They also include a set of quick play rules called Thunderbolt and Lightning and even a couple of dice. Although I think my dice are broken they only roll ones.  

Heinkel 111

So far they have come out on a few occasions for a fly about. For an evening’s entertainment when I am home alone I will set up a single player game, or a Jerry no mates game as it has become known in the parlance of the house !


So far I am amassing a nice little collection by simply getting the two Battle of Britain sets available. So far I have confining my collection to Spitfire and Hurricane Mk Is, Bf109 E, Bf110s and a couple of bomber flights of He111 and JU 88s.


These guys are a joy to paint although I have fallen into my old trap of painting them too dark again this is particularly apparent with the lack of definition in the two tone green camouflage on the top side of the German aircraft.

Spitfire I

Furthermore in addition to using these little fellas in air combat games they can also be put into action in Blitzkrieg Commander as air support elements.

Spitfire I

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  1. You should give a game at clwc. I'm up for one if you want