Sunday, 1 September 2013

Inventory of Sloth

Well it's been a while since I have written for this blog consistently and I could bore you with various excuses about work, holidays, new phones, sloth and lack of inspiration, new computers.

Nevertheless, it is possibly time to give a little up date on the world of half done things I have previously mentioned on this blog. 

If you like it is an inventory of sloth:

The first offender is my North Irish Horse Sherman this is so close to being completed it is almost criminal to leave in this state. 

Next is my duelist Malatesta who was an diverting holiday project back at Easter I suspect progress will  have to wait until next Easter's getaway.

 In addition this crusader has been hanging around on the nearly finished shelf for years now...


  1. With quality like this it's a sin not to finish them, maybe set up a voting system on what next to finish? I vote the Crusader :)


  2. So close to being finished it's almost a crime to leave them as they are. I'd have trouble deciding which to work on first though....

  3. Clearly for a vote I would need to add the following options :
    1 "none of the above"
    2 "Start anew project"

    Based on the collective wisdom of the commenters lets finish that pesky crusader!