Tuesday, 17 September 2013

World War 1 Early French

In the build up to the centenary of World War I, I am painting up a French army to recreate some of the early battles on the table top. I opted to go with 10mm scale because it seems a good compromise between scale and cost. These guys are Pendraken figures and they offer really good value with a starter army costing around twenty quid.  

In the usual fashion they have been painted with acrylics with a dry-brush over the top and a touch of oil paint.

So far I have managed to paint up three companies of infantry and three batteries artillery. I'll keep slogging  along!


  1. Very nice work for the centenary, great looking guys and guns!

  2. Well done Jerry. Btw did you have a nice holidays in France?

  3. Many thanks for comments chaps, yes I had a lovely time in France thanks. Sadly I did not catch up with the guys in Bayonne for a game