Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Company at Last

Well its been a while since I wrote a blog. So here is one to blow the dust the Miniature Inspiration while I am waiting for my orange cake to bake. (Thats a cake with orange zest in it rather than a cake which is the colour Orange.) 

In any case I have been busy is over the past months  with an number of projects.  The most interesting of which for the readership of this blog is most likely the early World War One French army in 10mm I am currently working on in anticipation of the centenary next year. So far I have completed just over one company.

These figures are from the Pendraken range and to be honest a bit to small for me to do them proper justice with a paint brush. Nevertheless they are really delightful figures in a great scale. I am now a convert to 10mm and have big plans involving acquiring more lead than I will ever be able to paint in one life time in ten mil. 

In any case here are some shots of some of the “poileux” I have based up to date. 


  1. I find 10mm a little difficult, prefer to go up or down scale, these look nice though


  2. They look nice jerry. I have some ancientsin 10mm if you 're interested.
    And I also have to send youthe Roman afmy for art de la guerre, and the mail for the club in Anglet.


  3. Always impressed by anyone who can work at this scale - bravo Sir.

  4. Cheers I appreciate the comments!
    All the best ,