Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I See Dead People

How long have I wanted to use that line from the film The Sixth Sense in a post title !

Since starting to play Field of Glory at the beginning of the year I have been slowly building a collection the various gaming accessories required such as measuring sticks, dice, scenery and markers. It was at this juncture that I decided I needed to develop a system to illustrate cohesion of units. Thankfully, the Field of Glory rules go to the trouble of explaining the different ways of illustrating cohesion with helpful pictures. The three options they suggest are; offsetting and turning bases to show the level of cohesion, also the counter method placing coloured counters down  next to the  relevant battle group.  The third and preferred option in my case is to paint up dead figure markers.  For these guys Donningtion came up trumps with their wonderful collection of causality markers which I have been dutifully painting up in between battle groups.  Furthermore Seb at the CLWC contributed to my body count by gifting me an selection of Celts and Spanish casualties by Xyston.

The Donnington Figures were mounted on some disk bases with their edges painted green, red or black  to indicate the cohesion level a bit of flock was added after as wash with Paines gray oils to define the lowlights.   I am hopeful that these dead guys will add to the look for the look of the table along with simply demonstrating to me the level of catastrophe I have managed to get my army in to! 

Alternately, I went to all the trouble of painting up these dead guys so I could compose a blog post entitled I See Dead People!    


  1. Hi!
    Just for the title...congrats!
    For the figs...congrats!
    A very nice work!

  2. yup, nice work

    Hopefully you won't have to use them too often

    1. Seb , Thanks again for the figures I hope I've done them justice with the paint brush .

      All the best,

  3. Guys, Many thanks for your comments they will come out to play tomorrow evening