Sunday, 15 July 2012


Clearly one of the major priorities for a wargamer such as myself who lives in a metropolitan area and depending on the public transport infrastructure is how to get me and my army from home to work and then on to the wargames club. Thus raises the question; how should figures be transported safely?

The first option was to borrow my wife’s floral print hold all which seems strangely appropriate way to carry the Mid Republican Roman Army I borrowed from Andy. This did cause a number smirks from some of the mothers in the school playground, when I arrived bag in hand to drop my daughter off for her day at school.  In response to the raised eyebrows my choice of baggage caused I stated that I was comfortable enough with my masculinity to wonder around with a lady's floral print bag.

Nevertheless, I still had the problem of how best to transport my new Imperial Roman figures. After cogitating the various options open to me it struck me that a couple of years ago I received a free gift of a figure case when I visited a Salute. Remembering this I went on to the KR Multicase website to order some foam trays fit it. Fantastic, all sorted. I even justified the purchase to my  wonderful wife  by saying that it was likely that most of my figure would be horribly killed the ensuing game so the least I could do is ensure that they could travel there and back in relative comfort. She concurred with a loving smile.

With the all the components acquired it was just left to me to work out how best to pack the army. Could I remember where I put the freebee case? Err… no idea. After empting every cupboard and checking every illogical place at home and finding things that I had previously lost and given up on I drew a complete blank on where the case might be. In the back of my mind I have the suspicion that this case may of fallen victim to my wife’s cleaning and de-cluttering regime  which at times can take on a slightly Stalinist ilk.

Despite this drawback I did stumble upon a laptop case which seems to fit the bill as my new figure case, due tobeing the correct size to take the foam trays. Hay presto, now when I show up in the school playground on the day of a game my army will be incognito encased in a rather suave black laptop case... Good morning Mums ;)       


  1. Glad you didn't go out with that god awful bag!!

  2. Great post! I've got to say that the floral print does hold a certain charm - a DPM for fashionistas perhaps?

  3. I'm impressed with your masculinity....