Monday, 2 July 2012

A Few More Romans or Shiny Romans Holding Bows

As regular readers will have noticed the picture I posted of my newly painted slingers  on the last post was rubbish, so here an other slightly better shot which gives a impression of a few of them. 


Over the weekend I completed a couple of bolt shooters these are a mix and match battle group using one Corvus Belli set and the other is a Donnington miniatures set kitted out in a the earlier style of Roman uniform dating from the period of the Marius reforms.

This mix and match approach appeals to my sense of non uniformity in uniforms. Although it  is most likely highly inaccurate to mix the uniforms from two different periods. Nevertheless the concept of non uniformity is explored in part in a useful article, albeit relating to 20th century conflict, entitled “Why Was the Red Baron's Fokker Painted Red? Decoding the Way Aeroplanes Were Painted in the First World War War History July 2001 vol. 8. 

As well as these additions I finished off my battle groups archers eight stands in total. I am pleased with the way these guys have turned out, never having fielded archers before I wonder how they fair once I get them into battle?  


  1. Your Romans are coming along nicely Jerry. I don't know if it's just the photos, but the armour looks a little bit too shiny - you might want to try a brown or black wash over it to fill the recesses in the links.

  2. +1 with Tamsin there. A black wash should do.

    And we need, one time, to have a game together ;)

  3. Shiny happy Romans holding bows !! Thank for the comments guys as you suggest I might give them a paines grey wash to dumb the chain mail down a bit.

  4. Very nice work! Love the bolt shooters...