Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wargames in the Academy

Last night while doing overtime I was attempting to clear the log jam of  circulation lists from my post drop, while going through back issues of the Times Higher Education Supplement. I came upon a review for Professor Philip Sabin's new book, published in January, Simulating War. Judging from the generally favourable review this his second book on war gaming which explores its usage as analytic tool in the academic discipline of War Studies. However, after a brief flick through, I believe it would make useful reading for anyone with a interest in strategy modelling or wargaming  for that matter.

Furthermore, this tome would be of particular interest to anyone developing a game system or model to simulate conflict. By Sabin’s own admission, in the introduction he states, its focus sits mainly with board games and computer simulations rather than figure games. Nevertheless, the volume debates the benefits and drawbacks of studying conflict through simulation and to that end would prove to be useful text to the budding game designer.     

Sabin appears to be well qualified to explore this field not only being an experienced academic based a Kings College London but also someone who plays and designs games. This his second book on the subject the first being Lost Battles an analysis of land battles in the ancient period. I suspect this title is required reading for me considering my recent forays on to the ancient battlefield. 

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