Friday, 1 June 2012

Maid for all Work

Well has promised in a previous posting I have added the decals to my 1/285th scale Ju.88s last night and here they are in all their glory.

When I painted these last year I fell into the trap of going too dark with my shades.  In addition the over spray with a rattle can of matt clear seemed to reduce the contrast between the olive green and dark green further still.

The Ju.88s was originally conceived as a ground support dive bomber.  The "maid for all work" has it became known because of the huge variety of roles they were asked to  perform while in service with the Luftwaffe.  These ranged from medium bomber to air defence night fighter. However even by 1940 when it was deployed in the Battle of Britain it was considered under powered and vulnerable to the new breed of single engine fighters which had been developed in the years leading up to the outbreak of war.

So I'll see how they fair against a couple of wings of Spitfires and Hurricanes using the Thunderbolt and Lightening rules  now they are all marked up.