Thursday, 14 June 2012

Completed Legions

Well after a long hiatus of dust gathering on my work bench I have finally completed my second batch of legionnaires for my Imperial Roman army.

They were painted in the same way as the earlier group of figures, with Vallejo acrylics with the exception of the armour which I used Tamiya metallic. After which they all received a liberal pin wash with raw sienna and ochre oils. To ping out some of the details on these beautifully sculpted little guys.

The entire group have come up together quite well. I am pleased with the over all results although I have found myself two bases short to make up a forth battle group comprising of a total six bases .

The one minor frustration of the whole long winded process was the fact that the “carpet monster” ate one of the shields leaving one poor legionnaire unprotected against slings and arrows, an outrageous misfortune!

Now it is on to do the various support troops consisting of light horse, horse archers, slingers and a couple of artillery pieces not to mention three command groups to complete the army. Now to the brushes...


  1. Your brushes are really good! This army is beginning well, hope your Romans will fight my Egyptians one day, who knows?
    Very nice work, Jerry!

    1. Phil Thank you for your kind words, I would be deligthed to have a match up with your Egyptians, As it it happens I am due to be in the Pays Basque & near Toulouse duing August if you are anywhere near there we might be on for a game !!