Monday, 1 May 2017

Imperial Japanese Army Complete

When I say my Imperial Japanese Army is complete obviously that's an absolute lie. When have I ever completed and army? There is always another unit to be added. What I should actually say is: now I have enough figures to field a platoon along with a bit of support for a forthcoming Chain of Command campaign.

Above  you can see the basic platoon consisting of a three mortar teams  under the command of a junior leader. Three squads made up of a LMG team and a rifle section of nine riflemen also commanded by a junior leader.  There in the front is the commander and his sergeant who is taking a little rest. 

 Here is one of the  junior leaders directing  his unit and below we have a stalking guy.

Here are some of the support units  I have put together for the campaign. They include a Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, a 70mm Type 92 battalion gun, Type 92 tripod mounted MMG. Finally I have an artillery spotter should the worst happen.

 Malaya 1942 Campaign  here we come!


  1. Gordon Bennet! Think I will surrender now.

  2. Have faith my friend,there is hope at hand. Check out the battle report posted on the Chain of Command Facebook page. [ ] It appears the Aussies won that one.