Thursday, 27 February 2014

September 1918 : Great War Spearhead Game

Apparently I have the ability to kill my own troops no matter what side  I am on!  Earlier this week I enjoyed another game of Great War Spearhead.  This time its was september 1918. My command was a regiment of German troops, one of two the other being commanded by Alan. 

In the starting position. 

The game started and went ten rounds of revolving door manoeuvre as I chased  Mark and Martin's British around the table. It all began to go wrong once I issued new orders after taking my objective of the town in the centre of the board. Rather than skirting the enemy position and forcing him to disperse his and spread his line. I marched up the centre only to be met by an artillery barrage which knocked the stuffing out of the regiment. By the then there was nothing for it bur to hunker down in the road side ditch and wait for the British guns to run out of ammo.  

My unit taking the village objective. 

I had one opportunity to recover the situation. When Alan's regiment charged to recover the hill it forced Martin and Mark to open fire and expose their positions. At this juncture I rolled to call in artillery support on to the clustered British regiment. Naturally enough  I rolled a one and failed to muster any support. Thereby giving the British the option to fire again wiping out the remainder of Alan's brave boys. Shortly after we conceded the field to the British. 

The British flanking move on Alan's regiment. 

My regiment advancing on British positions.

Spearhead is a robust simple set of rules which after three games  I am getting used to. Looking forward to the next outing. 

The remainder of the regiment hunkered down. 

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  1. Sounds like a good game, WW1 is often bloody, isn't it?