Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Easy Option

These days 1/35 scale tracks offer a quandary does one opt for the nice and simple rubber band type or the more sophisticated individual link types? Naturally enough I have chosen the complex and  the, more convoluted option in the form of Bronco workable plastic tracks.

When I got them I was a bit overwhelmed by the five tiny pieces that makes up each link. Nevertheless, these are robust and well designed, they go together with minimal fuss.  There are no ejection marks to worry about and are not too fiddly to put together

Before the cement dries it is possible to manipulate the track section in to place and then put to one side for painting.

At the pace I work. It is a slow process.  I managed to complete both side over a few evenings in front of the telly and a couple of Saturday afternoons. The end result is that I am left with a great looking representation of Sherman T54E1 tracks all ready for a lick of paint. I’d better find my airbrush now! 


  1. They certainly look good, don't think I'd have had the patience for that though?

  2. Very pleased you like the progress so fa chaps!!