Sunday, 10 February 2013

HMG World War One Rules

I bought a set of HMG World War One wargame rules  earlier this month.  I had my first game last week. My first impression of the rules is I like them they are simple to play and from what I know about the period, reflect in a logical manner the battlefield during 1914-1918 war including murderous fire for anyone caught in the open.

One criticism I would level at the set is there is room for ambiguity In interpretation and the rules would benefit from the critical eye of an editor.
Nevertheless I would recommend trying out the rules if world war one battalion level. Games interest you.

Mark, newcomer to the club; Alan and I played a scenario set in 1918 which involved a German attack against a force of British and French infantry attempting to consolidate their position from a successful advance.

 We rolled to for sides and I ended up commanding  the Germans and Alan and Mark split the Entante forces which consisted of two battalions and a half battalion of French . I had at my disposal a couple of battalions of infantry and a half battalion of storm troops supported by a machine gun section. And a battalion of reinforcements 

My first job was to plot my artillery barrages in advance using a grid system this worked surprisingly well and had a bit of luck anticipating where troops might be and scored some valued hits on the Entente troops without engaging my infantry.

I felt my best strategy was to close on the enemy as quickly as possible there by reducing the effectiveness of his artillery which would be called in by an observer.

I had a dream start to the game with my machine gunners spotting British Infantry at the far side of the village and hit a couple of their bases.
Next round the half battalion of French appeared in the field next to the Machine guns units which after opening fire and they subsequently were dispatched in the following round.

Much of my success in the following rounds was due to two factors firstly the delay of the British artillery arriving in good time. This provided time for me to close on the enemy and their objectives. The second factor was of course chance and how it affected the deployment of the Entante powers. It resulted in the British figures caught out in the open.

All in all HMG provided a fun evening playing a fast placed and enjoyable game.

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