Thursday, 16 March 2017

Welcome to the Jungle

One of the real joys of moving up to 28mm gaming is the opportunity to dress the table top with some rich and detailed scenery. One of the draw backs about gaming in 28mm is you need to a fair bit of expensive terrain in order to play. 

Whichever it is, I've spent the last few weekends building some jungle terrain for my Japanese to hide in. I wanted to do this on the semi-cheap so I utilised some left over hex bases which I had lying about. This allows me to use them individually or bring a handful together to make a larger terrain feature.

These bases were then covered with a mix of waterproof grout, PVA, gravel all mixed with some power-paint.  The bases and foam board, used to recreate rocky outcrops was then coated with this mixture. Once dry all the pieces were set, they all received a liberal wash with Games Workshop Earthshade followed by a dry brush with both light and dark sand to bring out a bit of detail. 

 The next stage was to add some patches of varying lengths of static grass to give a less arid look. Then the glue gun came out and I started adding a variety of plastic plants, acquired from a number of sources, including, aquarium shops, home and bargain stores. I was mid-way through pulling apart one of the ornamental plants when my long suffering partner asked me if that was the plant from our bedroom, I confirmed it was, adding that quickly it was broken and we needed to replace it. (Not sure I got away with that one.)

 Most of the plastic plants have female connectors on them so I mounted stubs of cocktail sticks in the bases to add stability. I mounted the plants in grouping of three this seems to work for the laws of aesthetics. I am not sure why but it make for a more natural look. 

 I have a fives more hilly pieces which I want to make less dense grassy scrub land to provide a bit of variety. But I should crack on with the figures and prioritise getting them finished!!

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