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Assault on Fort de Fiegnies

McMaster WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photos  55' - 17' approx. 

This week we had the opportunity to play a multi player 1914 game with the Germans defending a fort position against a combined force of Belgium and French forces. 

In the end the Belgium's were very nearly  achieved the objective by a swift manoeuvre around to the rear of the German positions. Alas  Martin's Belgium's cracked under the weight of German fire. 

Starting positions. 

On the French front the main objective was to get over the river and take the German trench line, following that,  to kick on to the main objective of the fort. 
To this end they charged up the two roads crossing the river. With the regiment on the right supported by a regiment of artillery, located at the bottom left of the photograph above.  the second infantry regiment had a Cavalry regiment  in support. I felt I had an good opportunity of making a break through in one of the positions. 

German trench line. 

Things started well when my pre plotted artillery destroyed two german units in the opening rounds, nevertheless despite this early success this frontal assault proved to be a bloody affair. With the regiment needing to take moral tests on two occasions due to causalities. Luckily they passed on both occasions meaning they could stay in combat. 

French advance.

Despite these loses I was able to exploit the breach in the German line and push my regiment of artillery through the breach which then could bring pressure to bear on the German  flank. Sadly it did not force them to retreat.

French 75s unlimber.

After three hours of play  despite not having taking the main objective of the fort I think it is fair  to say that  that we can hold out for a draw! 

End position.

Alan adds: 

A stalemate has developed in the north, with German infantry in the forest facing-off French cavalry and infantry in Feignies itself.  It was felt unlikely the French would make much more progress on this front.
They did break through the German trench line on the southern front.  At the bottom of the photo their 75s can just be seen deployed to the east of the stream.  However, the French took high casualties in this sector and were prob not in sufficient strength to retake the fort.

Photo credit: Alan


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