Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Long Overdue Post

This is a long overdue post. I took the opportunity to escape from Christmas and the associated revelry on Thursday evening, the (27th) for a couple of hours to the CLWC.

My Romans took on Alan's ancient British once again. While I lost the initiative and he opted for agricultural battlefield. It provided wide open spaces for my legions to get chased around by his army which mainly consisted of chariots.

In the end I set up the auxiliary, my light bolt shooters with my noble Roman cavalry on the right flank. The centre consisted of three legions with some rear support of auxilia archers. Because of the placement of a road bisecting the table about a third of the way in I didn't bother with anything on the left flank.

To be honest I am at a loss to provide a meaningful synopsis of what took place in the game because there was so much movement and charging around the table.  On the right I held my cavalry back which gave them the opportunity to charge at and catch a battle group of chariots between them and a battle group of Horse Archers. This battle group along with the Numbian Light Horse charged up the centre hurled a load of sticks at the British and ran away. At this point the Legions move foreword to engage the chariots. The resulting engagement resulted in me losing one legion. Nevertheless, I felt on balance if the game continued I would have prevailed in the centre.     

I am hopeful that the selection of photographs will illustrate the battle. Everything went more or less to plan. I marched up the centre with my legions headed up by my light horse in the centre. On the right flank I let him come on to me resulting in me chasing his light horse off the board. Thankfully for me at least I managed to get a couple of light    both shooters off to concern one of the battle group of Alan's chariots. By then time had run out so we called the game a draw although Alan was marginally ahead.

The Action ob the left flank

The legions plod forward towards the chariots

Progress on the right flank by the Roman cavalry 

The legions repel the first chariot charge and prepare for another attack
The cavalry and light horse charge a battle group of chariots