Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sherman Update

Tardiness would best sum up my attitude to blog writing over the last month or so. Nevertheless, you can read some of my recent blog contributions on pigeons I penned in a professional capacity. So let's take the opportunity to give you a quick update of my North Irish Horse Sherman. It this point it think the filter washes are more or less complete. They offer a nice mix of grim and dirt that has built up over time while in theatre.

Another reason for the long delay in progress was fear.  For the next stage I want to add quite heavy weathering with light shades of sand so -I am concerned about messing it up.

It terms of reference for the next stage I will use Mario Eens article on building and weathering a DAK Panzer I. From Military Modelling 
Issue 3 Volume 40

 I promise to post some up dates know matter how horrific the result.


  1. Fantastic Sherman, really impressice work on it Jerry!

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks to both Phil and Seb , I am very pleased you like the progress so far.