Monday, 13 April 2009

Mark Bannerman

For many years now the work of Mark Bannerman has been a great inspiration to me. His technique in painting faces was instrumental in me developing my skills as a figure painter, however I still need to learn when to stop. Since I tend to over paint the faces. Here are a list of links to his articles on painting 1/35th faces in oil colours orginally published on the Missing Lynx website.

Painting 1/35th heads in 8 steps
"The Bannerman Way"
"The Bannerman Way Part 2"
Painting figures adding details
Painting Asian faces
Painting Black / African faces

All by Mark Bannerman

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  1. Mark am just starting out and would love to get your advice as to how best to start , I love the idea of painting faces with oils and have seen some of your articles. Really be great to hear from you